iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement, Parts and Batteries

Released in September 2013, the iPhone 5s was an update of the previous model. With the same dimensions as its predecessor, the internal components were improved and a touch sensor added for finger print scanning. This additional feature means that the front panel of a 5s is different to the previous model and requires its own specialty part.

If your business offers iPhone 5s screen replacement, The Parts Home can supply you with everything you need for a professional job. We have the full range of colours - gold, grey and silver - ensuring you can satisfy your customers with an accurate repair job.

In addition to a replacement iPhone 5s screen, we stock a range of iPhone 5s parts, batteries and accessories, allowing your business to provide a full scope of repair services. These include back cover assemblies with flex cables, batteries, charging ports, home buttons with integrated finger print recognition and more. All our parts are QC tested and guaranteed, giving you peace-of-mind that your customers will receive top-quality parts and help your business grow

Browse our range and order the parts or batteries required for your business. We provide fast, careful and free delivery of delicate components, ensuring they arrive in one piece. We take pride in supplying the widest range of quality parts for repair businesses and being a part of your success. If you require assistance, take advantage of our comprehensive customer support by following the links at the bottom of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.

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